About Us

Every race has a story.

When hundreds of strangers line up to race on any given day, magic has a tendency to happen. New champions are crowned. New PRs are set. New memories are made.

Road racing is a truly special sport, and its stories deserve to be told. Until now, most of these stories are lost to time. Race results only tell a fraction of what happened on the day of a race. What was the weather like? How did the winning time compare to the course record? How did the finishing kick influence the results?

At Tape Break, our goal is capture a small portion of the history that’s created every time a race is run. We go beyond race results, recapping the details of road races that are often never documented. We love running, and we believe runners deserve to have their stories told.

Currently, we focus primarily on races in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. But who knows what the future may hold? With the right community, we could one day document each and every race, telling the story of each competition in this amazing sport. Until then, we’ll chip away, one race at a time.